End Point Assessment

Junior Energy Manager

Junior Energy Manager

  • Reference Code: ST0161
  • Level: 3
  • Version: 1.1
  • Duration: 24 months


The role of a Junior Energy Manger is helping organisations meet sustainability commitments by reducing energy consumption and reducing costs.

Occupational role

Junior Energy Managers often work in fields such as facilities management, property or sustainability. Such broad  fields offer specialised  skillsets  in  a  wide  range  of  vocations. Junior Energy  Managers perform  an  essential  role  in  supporting  their  company  or  organisation  to  meet  energy  and  cost reduction  objectives  and  targets  within  the  context  of  wider  sustainability  commitments  such  as carbon and water management and corporate social responsibility.


Maximum £9,000

Entry requirements

Employers will set their own entry requirements, but candidates will normally have a minimum of 3 GCSEs  at  grades  A*  to  C  (including  mathematics,  English),  or  equivalent  qualifications  such  as: IGCSEs,  Scottish  Standard  Grade,  14-19  Diploma,  BTEC/NVQs. Apprentices  without  English  or Maths  GCSE  at  grade  A*  to  C  or  equivalent  must  achieve  this  prior  to  the  completion  of  the Apprenticeship.


The apprenticeship includes core knowledge, skills and behaviours required to undertake the work of a Junior Energy Manager.

End Point Assessment

Overview of assessment

The end point assessment covers all of the skills, knowledge and behavioursin the Standard. It will take place using independent assessors appointed by QFI and the methods shown below:

Knowledge Test


Consisting of 60 multiple-choice or structured questions (short answer) to assess the bulk of the technical knowledge across the Junior Energy Manager apprenticeship. The test will be sat under  invigilated  conditions and  be 90 minutes in duration and will be closed book.

Practical Test

Consisting of a synoptic practical assessment in the form of an Energy Audit that requires the apprentice to complete a large, synoptic and complex(multi-stage) challenge that draws together core practical occupational responsibilities and is done under controlled conditions. The assessment will involve a pre-set assessment with pre-set resources and will include relevant source data, developed in conjunction with employers.

Assessment and Confirmatory Interview

In the form of an Interview to assess the Junior Energy Manager on skills not covered by the Practical assessment, performance in the practical and the knowledge test and behaviours. This will be carried out by an assessor and experienced professionals in energy management. The interview will have two roles and act as:

  • an assessment device -which will orally examine the apprentice’s overall skills, knowledge and behaviour. The ‘Portfolio of Evidence’ can be used to inform questioning during this interview
  • a confirmatory device –to check the grading decisions of the practical and knowledge tests, as well as the assessment part of the Interview.

Readiness for assessment

The  employer  will  endorse  progression  to  the  end-point  when satisfied  that  the  apprentice  is consistently working at or above the level set out in the standard, and the pre-requisite gateway requirements have been met with evidence to support these:

  • achieved minimum level 2 English and mathematics
  • completed a portfolio of evidence -to be reviewed at interview.


This apprenticeship is graded by the independent assessor appointed by QFI and grades are either: fail, pass or distinction.

Professional Recognition

On successful completion of this apprenticeship, the successful Apprentice will be eligible for relevant membership of energy management related bodies: Energy Managers Association (EMA) Recognised Energy Manager; Technician Member status of the Energy Institute (TMEI)

Why choose QFI

QFI is listed  on  the  Register  of  Apprenticeship  Assessment  Organisations  to  assess  this apprenticeship  Standard. We  have  access  to  specialist,  occupationally  competent  independent assessors. We  will  work  with  you  to  ensure  that  the  end-point  assessment  runs  as  smoothly  as possible providing support for any staff involved in the process. Contact us now to discuss your requirements leadassessor@qfiepa.org