SVQ in Construction Plant or Machinery Maintenance at SCQF Level 5
  • Reference:
    GN60 45
  • Level:
    Operative/Operator, SCQF 5, SVQ 2
  • Type:
    CBQ (Competence Based Qualification), Qualifications, Regulated Qualifications, SVQ, Vocational Qualification
  • Location:
  • Occupational Areas:
    Construction and Civil Engineering
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To achieve this qualification candidates must achieve:

  • 9 mandatory units
  • 2 optional units

Mandatory Units

All candidates must complete the following units:

  • Conform to general workplace health, safety and welfare
  • Conform to productive work practices
  • Move, handle or store resources
  • Operate plant or machinery for non-operational activities
  • Service plant or machinery
  • Remove and replace plant or machinery components to restore operational use
  • Dismantle and assemble plant or machinery components to replace worn, damaged or faulty parts 
  • Inspect plant or machinery for operational serviceability
  • Diagnose faults in plant or machinery systems or components

All candidates must complete two of the following units:

  • Install, repair or modify construction resources by heating, welding, brazing, soldering and thermal cutting
  • Produce one-off components to restore or maintain the operational functions of plant or machinery
  • Install plant or machinery for operational activities
  • Carry out specific tests on plant or machinery to determine operational serviceability
  • Configure plant or machinery for specific operational activities
  • Hand over plant or machinery to the control of others