SVQ in Plant Operations Extractives at SCQF level 5

To achieve this qualification candidates must successfully complete 5 units to include:

  • 4 mandatory units
  • 1 optional unit

Additional units are available; these are not however required to complete the qualification.

For further information, see downloads above.

Group A - Mandatory Units: Candidates must complete 4 Units from this group

Unit Titles SCQF level SCQF credits
Conform to General Workplace Safety and Security 6 3
Monitor and Maintain Environmental Conditions in Your Area of Responsibility 5 3
Conform to Efficient Working Practices 5 4
Prepare Plant Prior to Operational Performance 4 3

Optional Units: Candidates must complete 1 Units from group B below:

Group B: 1 Unit required

Unit titles SQF level SCQF credits
Operate Plant to Extract 5 8
Operate Plant to Excavate 5 13
Operate Plant to Construct or Form 5 13
Operate Plant to Receive and Transport Loads 5 8
Operate Mobile Elevated Work Platforms 5 8
Operate Plant to Lay and Distribute 4 13
Operate Plant to Compact 5 5
Operate Plant to Lift and Transfer 4 10

Group C: Additional Units available if required:

Unit Titles SCQF level SCQF credits
Arrange and Secure Loads for Transportation 4 8
Operate Plant Attachments 4 4