End Point Assessment


Water Process Technician

Water Process Technician


48 Months

Assessed Version: v1


Water Process Technicians perform reactive and routine maintenance on equipment to ensure safe and efficient operations, supporting other disciplines, as necessary.

Occupational role

The main roles within this occupation involve working on water supply and treatment, water networks and leakage, sewerage and wastewater.

This apprenticeship has 5 specialisms. To successfully complete the apprenticeship and become a qualified Water Process Technician competence must be demonstrated in the standard’s core and one of the specialism specific options:

  • Water Treatment: Process Technician
  • Water Distribution: Network Technician
  • Water Distribution: Leakage Technician
  • Waste Water: Sewerage Network Technician
  • Waste Water: Treatment Technician.


Maximum £12,000

Level 3

Entry requirements

Employers will set their own entry requirements. Apprenticeship candidates will normally have 3 to 5 GCSEs at grades A to C (including mathematics and English), or equivalent qualifications.


The apprenticeship includes core and specialism specific knowledge, skills and behaviours required to undertake the work of a Water Process Technician.

End Point Assessment

Overview of assessment

The end point assessment covers all of the skills, knowledge and behaviours in the Standard. It will take place using independent assessors appointed by QFI and the methods shown below:

Portfolio Assessment

The apprentice is required to submit a portfolio consisting of a work log typically developed during the last two years of the apprenticeship, together with documentation from a trade test completed in the final three months. The portfolio provides the opportunity to demonstrate skills, knowledge, and behaviours across the standard –both core and specific requirements. The trade test and the work log are both marked by technical expert/s and an assessment report is included in the apprentice’s portfolio. The employer will hold a standardisation meeting to internally review the portfolio score, with the decision verified by a technical expert who is not involved in the marking of the trade test or initial portfolio review. This will then be submitted to a final decision panel.

Knowledge Assessment

The standardised knowledge assessment is completed in the last three months of the apprenticeship. The assessment enables apprentices to demonstrate knowledge across the Water Process Technician apprenticeship core and specialism specific requirements. The assessment will be a multiple-choice paper taken under examination conditions. The outcome of the knowledge assessment is submitted to a final decision panel, consisting of three technical experts, who will check all available evidence and make the final decision of whether to award a fail, pass or distinction.

Readiness for assessment

The employer will endorse progression to the end-point when satisfied that the apprentice is consistently working at or above the level set out in the standard, and the pre-requisite gateway requirements have been met with evidence to support these:

  • achieved minimum level 2 English and mathematics
  • completed training and on-programme assessments
  • completed a portfolio of evidence consisting of a work log and completed trade test


This apprenticeship is graded by the independent assessor appointed by QFI and grades are either: fail, pass or distinction.

Professional Recognition

In achieving the Pass in this apprenticeship, the successful apprentice will be eligible for Engineering Technician (Eng.Tech) (or equivalent) professional registration.

Why choose QFI

QFI is listed on the Register of Apprenticeship Assessment Organisations to assess this apprenticeship Standard. We have access to specialist, occupationally competent independent assessors. We will work with you to ensure that the end-point assessment runs as smoothly as possible providing support for any staff involved in the process. Contact us now to discuss your requirements leadassessor@qfiepa.org