End Point Assessment

Construction Site Management

Construction Site Management

  • Reference Code: ST0047
  • Level: 6
  • Version: 1
  • Duration: 36 months


The role of a Construction Site Manger is ensuring that a construction project is completed safely, within an agreed timeframe and budget.

Occupational role

Typical job titles can include: Construction Site Manager, Assistant Construction Site Manager, Site Manager, Sub Agent, Assistant Site Manager or Construction Planner.


Maximum £18,000

Entry requirements

Employers will set their own entry requirements. Typical entry requirements will be the completion of the  Level 4 Construction Technician  Standard;  Technician  status  or  the  equivalent  with  the industry’s recognised professional bodies; HNC  in  Construction  or  equivalent  qualifications  and commensurate industry experience.


The apprenticeship includes core knowledge, skills and behaviours required to undertake the work of a Construction Site Manager.

End Point Assessment

Overview of assessment

The end point assessment covers all of the skills, knowledge and behaviours in the Standard. It will take place using independent assessors appointed by QFI and the methods shown below:

Online Test

An online test consisting of 20 multiple choice questions. Questions will include a mixture of knowledge and scenario-based questions. 14 of the 20 questions will be scenario based. The Online Test will assess and underpin the knowledge required to work as a Construction Site Manager. The online test is closed book, which means that the apprentice cannot refer to reference books or materials. 40 minutes are allocated to this assessment method.



A project is compiled  after  the  apprentice  has gone  through  the  Gateway  process  and  consists of a 3000-word written report that has a factual business   application   that   is   relevant   to   the Construction Site Manager working environment. Prior to commencing the Project, a project scope will be agreed with QFI at the Gateway stage. The project can  then  be  conducted  and  submitted after a maximum of 4 months. Apprentices must pass the project  before  taking  the professional discussion.

Professional Discussion

The Professional discussion is in the form of a 1:1 interview with an assessor. Prior to the discussion, the apprentice will have submitted a summary of experience based upon their portfolio of evidence. The summary of experience will be reviewed by the assessor who will formulate the questions for the professional discussion.  Apprentices will also be able to use their summary of experience during the discussion to underpin and explain how they met the Knowledge, skills and behaviours being assessed using this method. The time allowed for the professional discussion is 60 minutes.

Readiness for assessment

The employer  will  endorse  progression  to  the  end-point  when  satisfied  that  the  apprentice  is consistently working at or above the level set out in the standard, and the pre-requisite gateway requirements have been met with evidence to support these:

  • achieved minimum level 2 English and mathematics
  • completed the following approved qualifications mandated in the standard:
    • A BSc (Hons) e.g. Construction Management or equivalent Construction Level 6 Diploma that is approved by the industry’s recognised professional bodies and meets the educational requirements for the professional bodies’ full membership or chartered status
    • Industry certificates in Site Safety Plus Site Managers’ Safety Training Scheme and Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme which are required for safe operations in the workplace.
    • completed a portfolio of evidence 


This apprenticeship is graded by the independent assessors appointed by QFI and grades are either: fail, pass or distinction.

Professional Recognition

This Apprenticeship will include the knowledge, skills and behaviours typically required to achieve full member or chartered status with the industry’s recognised professional bodies.

Why choose QFI

QFI is listed  on  the  Register  of  Apprenticeship  Assessment  Organisations  to  assess  this apprenticeship  Standard. We have  access  to  specialist,  occupationally  competent  independent assessors. We will  work  with  you  to  ensure  that  the  end-point  assessment  runs  as  smoothly  as possible providing support for any staff involved in the process. Contact us now to discuss your requirements leadassessor@qfiepa.org